Sunday, September 13, 2015

A secret worth sharing

I remember having a reaccuring dream over the better part of a summer when I was in my mid-thirties. In the dream I discovered the secret to life, and each night I dreamed it, I'd wake so happy. But… I couldn’t remember what the secret was! I only knew that whatever it was brought me great joy. Each morning I’d awaken with the answer just on the other side of slumber. I wanted so much to bring the answer to consciousness because I knew it would change my life. 

Finally, finally, FINALLY, I awoke one morning and the answer slipped into consciousness as the sunrise peeked through my curtains. The secret to life is attitude.

And it is. 

No matter what happens to me, or to loved ones in my family, or to my community, or to my world, I have a choice.

Will I react or respond?

Reaction is that knee-jerk retort: freeze, fly away or fight. It usually comes from that deep down loser attitude of being a victim to my circumstances.

Response comes after I breathe deeply, several times, and feel myself grounded and connected to my Higher Power before making my choice. When I respond from a stance of calm, the attitude I have is one of intellect and heart. I have an acceptance of what is, and almost instantaneously, I have the ability to see possibilities for healthy change.

It’s all in attitude. Nothing changes but my attitude. And yet, with that change, everything changes.