Sunday, July 19, 2015


When I look back over my life, I know that courage got me where I am today, but creativity is the personal trait I truly embrace. I claim it all: create, recreate, co-create.

I have been working on several writing projects over the summer, and I'm very excited about the results. First, I developed a 6-week course on "Writing the Journey into Womanhood" for the Jung Center in Houston, which will be offered this fall. The course will focus on girlhood, womanhood, and elderhood with writing prompts to encourage deep reflection regarding each phase.

I also finished a workbook last month that takes people through the common themes of memoir writing: home, family traditions, education, courtship, important people/role models, choices, and spiritual wisdom. I've titled it Stories from a Well-Lived Life Workbook, and it'll be available on my website soon.

More recently I finished a proposal for a TEDxTalk in October that is being sponsored by Lone Star College-Tomball. I want to give a talk on "The Power of Words," and how expressive writing can lead to inspriation, healing, and change. I'll know in August if I'm among those selected. (Prayers to the Great Creator are much appreciated.)

All of this creating and co-creating has been absolutely exhilarating. But I have to be honest... my creative juices are beginning to dry out. So I've come to the well of creativity, surrounding myself with like-minded writers and poets at a weeklong writers' retreat in far west Texas. I will soak in their intoxicating creativity until I am so satiated that my imagination generates its own adrenalin-charged ideas to the zenith once again.

Sweet mercy, I love my life.