Sunday, February 8, 2015

Balancing Act

I've done it again. I'm over committed at work.

Whenever I get myself in this fix, I tell myself I just need to get it together and cowgirl up, push through the overwhelming-ness and perform. I tell myself to stay in my head, ignore my feelings and chase the adrenaline. Unfortunately, I'm destined to overdose and crash before I can catch the life-affirming high that used to fuel me when I was younger. The consequences are predictable: emotional stress following by physical illness followed by spiritual malady.

I need to face reality: I'm not in my thirties anymore. In fact, I haven't been in my thirties for almost thirty years. Ouch.

Time to take a deep breath and strive for some balance.

I've discovered that in order to find that balance, I have to slow down and pay attention. I have to be aware, and I have to be present rather than racing helter-skelter on auto-pilot.

Tomorrow I will reconstruct my day so I have clean eating options, reflection time throughout the day, a pause button at the ready, and limit my to-do list so it complements a to-be list.

The dopamine release will be calming.